Mission of the month

Medecins Sans Frontieres – Doctors without Borders

Between 18 February and 3 March 2018 government forces in Syria began an intensive military offensive to retake the besieged East Ghouta enclave.  Weeks of bombing and shelling caused widespread destruction.  Each day more than 70 people were killed and many more were wounded.   When people started arriving at the hospital, many had been hit by bombs or gunshots.  On top of the trauma injuries, many children were suffering from malnutrition. 

Just one troubled area in one troubled country.  Who is on the frontline helping those in crisis, not just in Syria but all around the world?  The answer is Medecins San Frontieres (MSF).

MSF, known in English as Doctors without Borders, is an international humanitarian medical organisation of French origin.  It is best known for its work and projects in conflict zones and in countries affected by endemic diseases.

Over 30,000 personnel, mostly local doctors, nurses and other medical professionals, as well as logistical experts, water and sanitation engineers and administrators, provide medical aid in more than 70 countries.  The vast majority of staff are volunteers.  90% of MSF’s funding comes from private donors. 

In 1999 MSF received the Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of its members’ continued efforts to provide medical care in acute crises, as well as raising international awareness of potential humanitarian disasters.

To find out more visit www.msf.org.uk or see the board at the back of church during September.