Mission of the month

International Needs

International Needs is a worldwide Christian mission and development agency, a partnership that operates in more than 26 countries around the globe. They help people from all over the world as they struggle against persecution, poverty and disease whatever their colour, race or creed.  

Their work is focused on community development, human rights and Christian outreach.  Through all that they do, they seek to serve God and bring people the good news of Jesus.  

International Needs do not want to just give ‘hand-outs’ or go into a situation with quick-fix answers but rather they work alongside local leaders and help them work out solutions that best suit their environment, helping them create strong sustainable developments within their communities.

Through their Educational Programmes they help to build, maintain and run schools and vocational training centres.  Supported by their sponsorship programmes, International Needs help children and young people have access to good quality education. Currently they are working with the UNESCO Chairs Programme to use sport as a tool to enable conversations and change mindsets about disability in Ugandan schools. 

As well as their education programmes for children and adults, they also support other community development projects, including medical centres, clean water provision and releasing slaves, most notably in Burkina Faso, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda and Nepal.

For more information visit www.ineeds.org.uk or see the board at the back of church.