Mission of the month

Society for the Protection of Animals Abroad (SPANA)

SPANA’s vision is a world where every working animal lives a life free from suffering.  Their mission is to improve the welfare of working animals in the world’s poorest countries.  In turn, this helps the poor to improve their lives through increased time for education, leading to a better standard of living.

SPAN aims to treat animals with free veterinary care at accessible mobile clinics, train expert vets and promote humane care by the animal owners and teach children to have respect and compassion towards animals.

SPANA predominantly cares for the hidden workforce of horses, donkeys, mule, camels and livestock.  Few people in developed countries realise how developing countries still rely on animals for transporting food, water and goods. 

Animals underpin the livelihoods of a billion people worldwide.  They contribute to the economic wellbeing of families by improving the status of women in society and supporting the education of children, who without working animals would be performing the tasks themselves rather than being educated in the classroom.  It is important to have well cared for, healthy, happy animals to provide a strong reliable workforce to release people to develop and improve their lives.

For more information see the board at the back of church or visit www.spana.org