Future Generations

Through our Future Generations Project, we aim to ensure that the church's assets continue to help us enhance local community life, while maintaining our church tradition through our worship.

Whether offering a 'drop-in' cafe or a monthly lunch club, space for concerts or meetings for local organisations, by redeveloping the existing church space we create opportunities to enhance life in Shortlands.

As a first phase of renewing all our buildings we are focusing on actions which will enable the church building to be used for a far wider range of communty and church activities:

  • A warmer church: the church heading system will be replaced with an energy-efficient underfloor heating system
  • Moveable seating to replace the pews.  The new seating configuration will be appropriate for traditional services, while providing greater flexibility for meetings and community events, and more informal church services.
  • Accessibility: we will look at improvements to accessibility into and around the church, improving the entrance doors and upgrading the electrical and lighting system.

This is part of a longer term vision as we consider alternatives to continuing to repair the church hall.  If we were to undertake building works to construct a new, more modern facility, we would want to provice space for community activities in the church building for the duration of those works.  Improvements to the heating, flooring and seating in church will enable us to do this.

We estimate that the works in the church building, if we were to do them all, will cost around £500,000.  We believe that we can do some of the work ourselves, which will bring the costs down by £50,000 - £100,000 and we will continue to make applications to charities that fund similar projects.  We are also fundraising - we are roughly a quarter of the way to raising the required amount - and are seeking individual donations to cover the rest of the costs.

We look forward to having more detailed conversations later in the year about our plans and the wide range of activities taking place at St Mary's.  

If you have any questions or want to know more, please call 020 8460 5682 or email the Parish Office.