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Mines Advisory Group

Imagine if your child went out to play in a minefield... Imagine they were unable to attend school... Imagine you had no safe access to food & water... How would you cope?

While serving in the British army, Rae McGrath witnessed first-hand the horrific impact on civilians of landmines, munitions and unexploded bombs.  He saw how these weapons were hindering reconstruction and the delivery of aid and in 1989 he returned to the UK determined to find ways to protect such communities and set up the Mines Advisory Group (MAG).

Diana, Princess of Wales spoke out against the production and use of landmines and made several visits to affected countries. She developed close ties with MAG. Two decades later, her son Prince Harry continued her work by helping MAG launch the Landmine Free 2025 campaign.

Often one of the first agencies into conflict zones, using highly trained staff and special machinery, MAG teams across the globe find and destroy landmines and unexploded bombs before children do.  They also aim to prevent the risk of weapons and munitions being diverted to the illicit arms trade. 

MAG strives to involve and empower local communities through training and employment.  The work challenges many perceptions and stigmas in countries where women and disabled people are often regarded as second-class citizens and relegated to the lowest strata of society.

For 30 years, MAG has helped over 18 million people in 68 countries rebuild their lives and livelihoods after war.  For more information visit www.maginternational.org or see the board at the back of church.