Mission of the month

Friends of Griffin

The Griffins Centre in Orpington is the base for the Sensory Support Service for children in the London Borough of Bromley who are born with a visual and/or hearing loss.  The children may eventually attend mainstream schools and be supported there by visiting specialist teachers or they may attend the specialist Hearing Bases, partnered with Darrick Wood schools.  Children also attend classes at the centre and are given the educational programme suited to their needs.

Friends of Griffins is a small charity, run by volunteers.  They raise funds to provide equipment and activities which are designed by staff to limit isolation and enhance the education and life skills of the children.  The charity has purchased equipment such as spectrum light columns and an LED carpet for the specialist sensory room centre.  These items are used by teachers to stimulate and educate babies and children who are born with visual impairment. 

They also purchased (thanks to St Mary’s Mobility class) a playmobil hospital set for the Primary Deaf Base.  The children often have medical issues or go into hospital for cochlear implants, and this toy will be so beneficial in helping them understand about their journey and learn sign language relating to it. 

Many activities for the children are funded by the charity, such as an annual trip to a performance (captioned for deaf children) of the Christmas Pantomime at the Churchill Theatre and a residential trip to the Scout association camp at Downe.

The charity provides this and much more.  There will be more information in the church throughout July for anyone interested to know more. Further details if you search for ‘Friends of Griffins’ on Facebook or email fogriffins@outlook.com.