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Fairtrade stall

What does the Lord require of us: to act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with God. (Micah 6:8)

The Fairtrade stall coming to St Mary's Shortlands on the below dates: Wednesday's 10.30am at the Community Cafe and Sunday's after the 10.30am morning service

  • May: Sun 12th & Wed 29th
  • June: Sun 9th & Wed 26th
  • July: Sun 14th
  • August: Sun 11th & Wed 21st
  • September: Sun 8th & Wed 25th
  • October: Sun 13th & Wed 23rd
  • November: Sun 3rd & Wed 13th
  • December: Sun 8th

St Mary Church Shortlands has been a Fair Trade Church for some years.  This means that wherever possible we provide fairly traded refreshments, we support Fair Trade Fortnight and have a regular stall selling fairly traded goods.

Thousands of farmers and small producers are having their lives lifted out of poverty by Fair Trade by being paid a fair price for their produce, helping to raise living standards, feeding their families, educating their children, and improving their communities using the premium paid on top of the price for their goods.

If you wish to make an order from Fairtrade, please contact Cecilia Willatt on 020 8313 0246.

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