Choir Club

If you have a child in year 2 (7 years of age) or above with good reading ability and who enjoys singing, we have a great opportunity for them at St. Mary's Church as a member of our Choir Club.

Members attend weekly practices on Thursday evenings from 7.00 to 8.00p.m. and sing at our Sunday morning Communion at 10.30am. There is also a Choral Evensong once a month at 6.30pm and services at Christmas and Easter. All practices are properly supervised at all times. 

The many benefits of membership include:

  • A unique theoretical and practical musical education, complementing and enhancing your child's compulsory National Curriculum studies using the Royal School of Church Music’s “Voice for Life” scheme;
  • Valuable experience at an early age of working as part of a "team", focusing upon specific goals, a standard of excellence and developing performance skills;
  • Choir Club membership encourages respectful behaviour and self-discipline. As a church-based organisation, promotion and growth of a child's spiritual awareness is also a priority;
  • The choir's affiliation to the Royal School of Church Music grants access to a nation-wide network of training courses, choral groups and awards by external examination. A variety of Diocesan training and singing days are also available to members, some held in Rochester Cathedral;
  • At the end of each term, Choir Club members and all choristers up to the age of 18 receive a financial gift from the church, based upon attendance and seniority, and an award is made annually by the Friends of St. Mary's for greatest individual achievement.

For further information about joining as a Junior or Adult member, please contact Canon Claire Tillotson at